26 May, 2009

Scary Numbers- New Label

Yep, that is what I saw at the doctor’s office the other day. Two big scary numbers; my weight and my cholesterol. (Yes I am putting this out in blog land, I told you all I am open)

Yes, I know I am fat, anyone who sees me knows this.
My cholesterol is a bit high. This has never been an issue, but I need to bring it down through Diet and exercise. I am not a big pill taker.

These combined are a big health risk. Now I am also scared.
When I am scared, I tend to do something about it.
  • I do not want to be the size I am.
  • I do not want to loose weight so fast I make myself sick, but I want to loose weigh in a steady healthy manner.

In talking to my doctor, she says 1-2 pounds a week is okay, if you allow for slip-ups and not beat yourself up over them. Small goals are great but you need a major number to work towards in order to know your goal.
  • My major number is 160.
  • My small goal is 1 pound a week.
  • I figure it will take me 2 years.

I will exercise daily.

This does not mean I will run 5 miles daily, it means that everyday I add some movement to my life that was not there before. Thank God, I am starting when I can be outside. Today I will take a walk. Not far, not brisk, but a walk. I am still recovering after all, but I can do something. Later in the year, when money allows, I will get a recumbent bike and a treadmill so I can work out over the winter. I do not like gyms, so I will not join one again and throw my money away; I will exercise at home and should have been doing it all along.

Another thing is to eat healthier and only allow treats on occasion. To cut them out fully will not work I know this. Heck, ask any fat person around...they will tell you how to diet. I just need to apply my knowledge:

  • Less fat
  • Less carbohydrates (not no carb)
  • 8 oz lean protein daily
  • veggies and fruits
  • Drink water- am I weird that I do not like the taste of water. I need to get over this.

Things I will not give up:

  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Spinning
  • Computers
  • Podcasting

I do these things for fun in my life. I need to add to my life so I can live it longer.


Amy said...

KaRi- I'm a huge water drinker, but my son is not. We found a product at Meijer called "True Lime" (they also have "True Lemon," but he prefers the lime) which is a tiny packet of dehydrated lime juice (or lemon juice) that adds no calories to whatever you're adding it to.

It's in tiny paper packets, the size of Splenda/Nutrasweet packets, but isn't sugar OR artificial sweetners. It just adds a bit of "tang" to the water. You can also use it in recipes, but we use 99% of it it water.

It's at Meijer, but in a weird spot- at the very end of the baking goods aisle, toward the milk/eggs cooler, up on the top shelf on the left-hand side if you're facing the milk/eggs cooler. I think the lemon comes in a shaker container as well, but like I said, we usually buy the lime.

Great goals- I should join you in this quest- I have another 40 lbs to lose myself!

auburnchick said...

I am so proud of you for putting this out for the world to see.

The biggest step is the first one...recognizing that you need to make changes.

It sounds like you're going to do things the right way. Incorporating changes slowly into your life will lead to new, healthier habits.

I encourage you to try juicing. It's a wonderful way to get the nutrition your body needs.

I've done two ten-day juice fasts (I don't necessarily recommend this to you...not yet anyway), and I found myself very refreshed and a few pounds lighter. I knew I was on a healthier road...too bad I stepped off!

Please keep us posted...even small things like you walked a mile. We'll be here to encourage you every step of the way.


Arlene said...

Wow, as I was reading this post, I kept thinking how it exactly describes where I am at right now. Kudos to you for posting this and motivating yourself and others, too. Hey, if you need/want a healthy lifestyle "buddy" let me know :-)

Coggie said...

Arleen- Please come join us.
We decided to "work our butts off" with a thread on the High Fiber Diet forum on Ravelry.

Arlene said...

Thanks! I just posted a comment on that thread. - Arlene (stitchnscrap on Ravelry)