07 April, 2009


I haven't been knitting much, because I have been loving my wheel.
I am still not sure what I am going to make with all of the hand-spun, but I am getting smoother and more steady with the end result yarn.
I set up a small laundry basket with two knitting needles for plying, PlyingIt makes it a bit easier than coming off different sides of Pinkie, but not perfect yet.

I spun up one of the pink and white BFL that I picked up at the Spinning loft. I love it!
I ended up with 312 yards out of one 4 oz braid. 2 ply. If I stay steady and get another 300 yards from the second I will have enough to make something warm and snugly out of it. It is not coming out as thin as I wanted, but I am getting worsted WPI, and not real slubby. I still need to soak and thwack it, so we shall see after it is done.
312 yds BFL
I also spun up some Alpaca that Knitamaniac sent to me and Bams carded up for me. Thank you so much. I have only spun up 50 yards so far, but will continue to work on it. Alpaca

Last night I decided to spin up the Finn that Bams gave to me last time we recorded. I like this yarn. It is very soft and even better, it is mostly even. I get sport on the WPI tool. 48 yards Navajo plied. Finn

Other than a bit on my socks, the only knitting I have been doing is a set of reading mitts for me. I was thinking during mom guilt to give these to my daughter for Easter, but she saw them and said she would not wear them. I am sure she will like the tickets to the Used concert instead. Reading Mitts
Anyways, the mitts are out of Shepherds wool. So soft! As Malabrigo is for a single spun yarn, this yarn is just as soft and a 3 ply yarn and great for stitch definition. It is also a Michigan yarn, so less of a carbon foot print for me, but heck, I love yarn from where ever it comes from. I am going to see about going north and seeing the mill one day, hmm another Road Trip? YAY!

I also crocheted up 9 squares so far for the military blankets.

Now I am off to study a bit, the spring quarter at college starts tonight for the Sarge and I. This should be a good quarter without a bunch of brain hurt, IE no online classes :)
Take care.

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