03 April, 2009

Quite a week

We decided last week to finally get wireless for the house. I never knew how tied down I had been before. In getting this upgrade, we decided to turn our daughters old room into a Craft room/ office . Now either the Sgt or I can run away to that room and hide with our laptop, to get quiet or away from the chaos of normal life here.As of today just the closet needs to be changed out. I need to get my stuff from boos rooms closet and transfer her stuff into it. Then I can move all my totes of yarn into the room. I have already used a 4 drawer dresser and filled it with my fiber, yeah filled I say, I think I have a fiber problem. I acquire it faster than I spin it up.
(yeah, I get a room and where am I blogging from? My bedroom, because I can) I do have to say I love my little Aspire one net-book. It is so small and light, I throw it in its bag and carry it along everywhere. I am able to remember things, because I can write them down and not forget where I stashed the paper. yep, my almost 40 year old brain is not able to keep up anymore. I need a constant companion and my "Little toy" ( what I named the Aspire) fits the bill.
Question--Am I the only one who has to name everything I own? My cars have names, my spinning wheel has a name, my computers have names...I think it is my way of gaining ownership over something. I also think that if I own it I have to take care of it, so I name it and talk to it...okay I admit, I am weird. Rant over.

On to acquiring fiber.
Last Saturday Bams, Bethanyg and I went over to Howell, Michigan to the Spinning Loft. Spinning loft
We had asked the owner, Beth Smith, if she would sit with us for an interview for the podcast. What a women! We laughed so hard while we were there. That's how she gets you I swear, she makes it so fun that you never know what you buy until you get home and take a look at your bankbook. Yep that's it! It really jumped into my bag and wanted to come home with me so I had to buy it. I mean how could I not!!

Confession time...
I bought yummy silvery grey Polworth, Golden camel/silk, Fiber yumminessCherry chip BFL (two braids only one is showing as I am spinning one already),and toasted brown Coopworth.

As we were talking during the interview (found here), Beth advised us on two books, The Intentional spinner and In Sheep's Clothing. books
I picked these up along with the new Spin Off, (my subscription seems to be running late.)
I am learning so much from these books!
I love how Howell is only 30 minutes outside of Lansing, so next time I am over with the Sarge for drill, I will head back to the loft and take a lesson with Beth. I would advise any spinner to stop by this store if they get the chance.

When the room is finished, I will take photos.


Heidi said...

I name everything too, you're not the only one. I was actually thinking about this on my way to work this morning - bit freaky! My car is Penny, my new notebook laptop (which I also love!) is Malcolm. I named him after Malcolm in the Middle. He's cute, small and very smart:)

Love the podcast, love your blog!


Coggie said...

Thank you, I am not as insane as I think :)