28 December, 2008

Santa Spoiled Me

It was a quiet Christmas here this year. On Christmas eve I cooked up the feast, making both onion ham and pineapple ham, yams, stuffing casserole (I normally make stuffin muffins, but my oven doesn't work), Rice, gravy, spiced green beans and I Bought two pies. We had this for dinner about 5pm.
After, we pulled out our new game to play, Mad Gab and had about two hours of fun where the girls were completely trumped by the boys. OK, they had 3 people to our one, but it was fun. Then everyone settled down so that I could read the story of the Christ child from Luke 2 in the Bible. We then discussed how we all think that Christ was born at a different time of the year and how we think that this date was taken from a pagan festival. I love having teenage children who have thought of their own and they know that traditions are real and important, but they can differentiate the real from the force feed crud. ok Rant off...

We then opened one gift.
My daughters gift was the game catch phrase, which we played until 1 am. It was a blast. Then off to bed, because as you know Santa cannot come if we are not tucked up fast asleep... yeah it took me about 15 minutes to fill the stockings and I was off to bed as well.

In the morning, yes I mean morning, I am married to the biggest child of all and we were up at 530 am, getting our teeth brushed and the coffee going to become alive again.
We passed out gifts and went around the room opening up gifts. I would post pics, but we were all in our Jammie's still ( new rule next year , everyone must be dressed for opening of gifts )
Hubby surprised me with an iPod Classic 120 in chrome. YAY!!! I love it.
The kids were very pleased with their gifts as were the cats. Hubby has been playing with his gift for about 3 weeks now, we got him Pirelli tires for his car.

After showers (yes we then got clean), we settled in for a day of relaxing, having leftovers, watching A Christmas Story and listening to Christmas music. My daughter had to go to work and my son went to the movies with a friend, so hubby and I fielded phone calls from family all over the world and had a very relaxing day... until about 4pm... and Santa arrived in the form of the United States Postal Service. Since when does the USPS deliver on Christmas? Well I am very happy they did this year! I got a spinning wheel. I got a Babe Pinkie Spinning wheel.
Babe Pinkie Wheel

I love it!!!
Here I am knitting a bit of the yarn I spun and plied on Christmas evening.
Knitting my first wheel spun yarn
I still have lots to learn on spinning, I can get it a bit less slubby than I can with a drop spindle, but I have miles to go before I am by any means a good spinner.
Everyone who has seen my wheel so far has made the comment that it doesn't look like anything they pictured in their brain as a spinning wheel. I agree, I love the look of the wooden wheels, but am VERY HAPPY with my PVC Pinkie. I might just paint her pink and love her even more.
Now I need to name her.

The kitties thought the tree was their personal toy, this is the reason it is coming down today.
Spot up a Christmas tree is not what I wanted on the 1st day of Christmas!

and here is King Tut telling me he was good and he didn't climb it, no really the tree shaking you saw was Spot

Mom, I didn't climb the tree

... Would I lie to you? Just look at my face.

You want a picture of me?

With that I am finished with the blog of Christmas. I hope yours was as wonderful as mine.

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