01 December, 2008

I knit a sweater in a day

Okay, I have to qualify that... I knit a sweater ornament in an evening. I have it blocking right now and need to make a hanger out of fuzzy pipe cleaner. Here is a pic of the mini sweater blocking out. I did one of the Minutia patterns from Berroco. I want to make up a few others from that pattern before we put up our tree.
We went out on Friday for "Black Friday" early morning shopping. My son decided to pic me up Interlocking foam blocks to be able to block my knitting on and be able to put away when I am done. They are normally $29.99 and he got the package for $8. He gave them to me early, as he saw I was blocking out the scarf I have been working on on a cardboard box. I have a good kid there :)

We had a happy/sad event here last night. Smokey the cat found a great new home. Her name will be Jasper so this is the last pic of the two black cats together. We are keeping King Tut and Mr. Spot. The latter will be going in to get fixed right after the new year. So there will still be kitty pictures, just none of the "twins" anymore.

Turkey here is almost over and yet just beginning... I picked the bird as much as I could, to make turkey and stuffing casserole for dinner tonight. I use Stove top stuffing, turkey and gravy, then serve it with mixed veggies on the side. I just finished with putting the turkey bones in the crock pot with the left over gravy and a bit of water to make up stock for Turkey soup. I will strain it later tonight and see how much is there, but it looks like with a few veggies ( celery, carrots and onions) we can have soup tomorrow night.
The Sergeant has requested that I purchase a few turkeys when they go on sale for Christmas. We have smaller size chest freezer and he wants to stock it with meat. With the way the economy is this is a great idea. We never know if he will have his civilian job from week to week. It all depends on the big three auto makers (we know how well they are doing right now). If only he could go full time with the military life would get so much easier. Anyways, off the rant there. I was talking about turkeys (man I can rant about anything, sorry). I will also pick up a couple whole hams and a few roasts when I go on this shopping spree. I do not mind cooking big, especially when I really don't have to cook again for a week afterwards.


dnaprice said...

Cute sweater! COngratulations on finding homes for the kitties.

Jenny Girl said...

Love the purple. And yes, your kid is pretty cool!
How about some turkey pot pies?
mmmm tasty!