05 November, 2008

Missing them

Today would have been my parents' wedding anniversary.
I wish they were still around today to celebrate it with them.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Wherever you are now, I know you are together.


Heidi said...

I thought your blog today was really sweet, and moving. I've just spent the day with my Mum and had the best day - I really appreciate having her around. My parents are quite young yet (55 and 59) and I hope to have them with me for some time to come.

Coggie said...

Thank you. I miss them each day for different reasons.
I hope you have many more years of getting to know your parents. Mom past away 9 1/2 years ago and dad just last year February. I was not ready at 29 to lose mom, or at 37 to lose dad. That said, are we ever ready?
Thank you for the comment.