02 November, 2008

I've been Tagged

Meghan of Stitch it! tagged me for the 6 quirky yet boring and/or unspectacular details about myself game.
OK, here goes:
This is hard!!

1. I don't like ketchup or mayo (nor miracle whip). I will not eat them on a fry, I will not eat them on a try. I will not eat them... plain, but I will cook with them. When I do cook with mayo, I prefer homemade to store bought and ketchup is just plain tomato blood to me, yuck!

2. I do not own a single pair of heeled shoes. My ankle and knees will not allow me to wear them, so I am the height you see me at, all the time.

3. I love musicals. Everything from the old R&H movies to Camelot to Enchanted. I wish people would just break out into song and be real with it. (yes I know there are you tubes of it.)

4. I am a freak about traditions. Each holiday at home I try to do something that I hope my kids will continue one with, even the smaller holidays like flag day... but not the Hallmark holidays like grandparents day.

5. I walked across a train bridge, where half way across I found out I am afraid of heights and had to have a friend come help me the rest of the way. I took private pilot lessons to try to over come this fear. I love to fly, but still hate heights. I hate heights so much that I will not go out on a balcony or ride in a clear elevator where I can see down.

6. I am afraid of moths... totally illogical as they don't eat humans, but I just am... that is me.

OK I guess I am supposed to tag 5 people who might read this... so I tag BammerKT, Ladybugknitter, Lakesideknitter, MargoKP and Nikstergrl

Oh, don't forget to comment on the post before this to be entered into the drawing for goodies.


Molly, the BeanQueen said...

I found your blog by listening to your high fiber diet podcast. I left a comment, but it did not show up - in short it said don't use hemlock for wreathes as it will drop its needles right away.
I enjoyed the podcast and plan to listen to them from now on.

margokp said...

so I've been tagged... oh goodie, now you have to read my blog.

NikkiB said...

I feel so special that you tagged me!! I'll run right over and try my luck....