18 October, 2008

Thank you!

This week I received a package from my ThreadBear Swap partner.
My partner was Kim in Canada, and she spoiled me via KnitPicks. It is wonderful to get packages in the mail from yarn stores and be able to tell the sergeant that I did not order a thing *grin*

I received
The Opinionated Knitter book by EZ
Tea Cozies
A sock blank
& a Starter set of Jacquard acid dyes
(my son took the camera to the Michigan State game today, so when I get it back I will post a photo)

I am tickled pick on all of the items. In fact I was just getting ready to order the starter set of dye, I really want to get going on a series of sock blanks and maybe even opening up an Etsy shop of my very own.

Thank you so much Kim, you are wonderful.
Your package went on on Thursday, they said it would be 5 to 10 day in the mail. I hope you feel as spoiled as I do :)


The Jillybean said...

Hi Coggie! Jillybean here. I need you to e-mail me your name and address to thepost-itplace@hotmail.com

You were selected as a winner to recieve one of the Kardea Nutrition Bar packs.

Congrats and Thanks!!

Coggie said...

oh wow, I can do that, Thank you!!