16 September, 2008

Words of hope and love

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at BammerKT's house. We played with fiber, she made me sock blanks and we dyed. It was a blast.
She decided to dye Roving in yummy fall colors, Bams dyeing fall roving, YUM! and I used the rest of her bottles for a sock blank of my own, I called hope. I wanted to give hope while knitting and hope that the wearer feels that hope is with them each step of the way. Begining of Hope blank which led us to our 4th episode of the podcast Here also is my Love sock blank being made Lots of love in knittingLove socksLove all striped up After both were nuked After nuking
The finished Blanks:
Hope Hope
and Love
I want to order more undyed yarn, as I want to make up Peace, Believe and Prayer socks as well. I know they will self stripe, but each sock will be it's own, because of the words.
Thank you BammerKT for letting me play.

Other news in the last couple of weeks here, we had babies on 9/11. No, not me, my cat. Yes she got out again before I could afford to get her fixed. Car took priority on the money. Well, this time she had 5 kittens. Babies born 9/11
Babies and Dyeing 014Babies and Dyeing 012 Happy Birthday kitties!


Turtle said...

cute babies, will be cool to see them knit up!

Coggie said...

hmm knitting kittens ... I have heard of $hittin kittens, but never knittin kittens ;)