26 August, 2008


Stitches Midwest
After being home for two days, I so want to go back and be at the convention again.
We stayed in the Renaissance Hotel and convention center in Schaumburg, IL. The hotel was lovely. I need maid service and valet parking here at home.

Do you think that I can get the kids to do this for me?

Yeah, me neither, *sigh*

Deborah, Valerie and I had an awesome time at StitchesUs three at Stitches

When we walked into the hotel this is what we saw.

Up the escalator was the lobby.

It was beautiful. I know you can't smell it on here, but they had orchids and I believe freesia right behind us. Every time we went down for valet parking, we walked through this wonderful smelling room. It took a few hours to get our room, even though we had an early check in, so we had the front desk hold our luggage, great service!

When we did get our room, we were unable to get two beds, so we got a king room with a roll away, very nice. I am not sure I liked the TV in the bathroom mirror, but I did love the mirror that did not fog when you took a shower. This would be so nice at home.
After checking in and getting our registration stuff from the main booth,we headed into the market place, and the first booth I wanted to get to was She-knits.
Nancy flew in from Seattle to help Sharon out. Well and to smell yarn, pet yarn and get high on yarn as her credit cards screamed.... just like the rest of us.

I wanted to start at this booth to show an online Friend that we really were behind her rooting her on in the design world. From what I saw of her booth, she was a hit!!

On Friday night Deborah and I went to the Vendors Fashion show.

We knitted and stood in line for good seats.

Yep she is using my little sock bag to hold her sock yarn.

Like I wouldn't be pimping that there *grin*

The Fashion show is well worth it!! Seeing projects actually move on a model is worth the money, just to know if it would work on you.

Oh, I should say here, we were not really allowed to take photos in the market or at the vendors fashion show (not sure about the student show, but I didn't attend that) because of copyright infringement that has happened in the past.
I did stop and take photos in the hall in front of the ballrooms of people wearing neat knitted and crocheted items.

Zombiehunter on Ravelry, KT in real life, Designed and wore her Povar Dress to Stitches. Okay, this is something I would never wear, but she looked great in it. I might get the pattern to make it up for my Sister in law, who is built this way only a bit taller. It is only $5.00 for the pattern and it is a Ravelry download. ( standing next to her, I see that I really need to start a diet soon !)

Saturday was full of classes and events, I do talk about these more on The High Fiber Diet podcast, yes, I can't put everything on here anymore. (Melissa Leapman, She-knitters, Ravelry meet up...... purchases..... mmmmmmstuff!)

Well.....I have to get you to listen somehow don't I :)

OH wow I almost forgot...

On Sunday I got to get my books signed by my favorite author
Debbie Macomber . You have no idea how shaking
I was standing next to this lady. Thank you so much for the many hours of reading pleasure.

I have met a few movie stars and a few other authors in my time, but none of them have meant so much to me as meeting Debbie did. I was truly star struck.
I also told her she would look skinny standing next to me, I was right.

I want to thank XRX for putting on a wonderful show.
I will try to be back next year.

Here is our wonderful Valet, as we were leaving the convention.
I really need to work on the teenagers about this!

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