29 May, 2008

He made it!!!!

Yes, I am talking about my son, Bear. On Tuesday May 27, 2008, he took the walk and graduated high school. Pomp, walking in He was one of 457 graduates of Grand Haven High School. 457 Students Graduated The night started with Graduation 001 where the Seniors of the Ensemble Choir preformed for the last time. Choir performs at Baccalaureate (The photos is a bit fuzzy, sorry.)Then the class moved to the Stadium for the graduation ceremony. There were long talks and speeches both to the families and to the class. The biggest thing mentioned was "make a difference" in your life, in others lives and in the world. Then we got to the diploma presentations. All done in alphabetical order, girls to boys. It was about 40 degrees and freezing outside, and we laughed as my son's last name begins with R.... Well better than if, we would have changed it to W, which is what my last name begins with. Anyways, here he is getting his diploma Bear getting his diploma We hooted and hollered, applauded for all the kids we knew and were proud of each and every one of them. Here is the Grad with proud Mom and DadDad, Bear and MomDad with BearMom with Bear
My Ex and his wife, made the trip up from TN to be here for the graduation father, son and mom Boo's boyfriend also graduated that night Boo's Boyfriend Graduated too and some good friends of Bear's Mike, My bear and James
The future is bright and open for these fine graduates. May they make the best of it!!

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